Collaborative Work for Fall
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7/23/2020 at 4:31:23 PM GMT
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Collaborative Work for Fall


I am currently in pre-production on a project entitled, Campus Reboot, a crowd-sourced, interactive and collaborative web-based documentary research project.  This will be a living document of the historical times of college during the Covid19 pandemic and it’s aftermath. 

This could be a very useful and important project if we need to go online sometime during the semester. 

There are several ways that you can choose to get involved with this project and I will try to explain them here.

First the set up: Twice per month(this could change to weekly depending on the response), you will be sent a link to the prompt for students to consider.  We will try to keep this to one specific question.  I have our University of Hartford student leadership team working on the questions for this prompt. 

Students will then do one of two things(depending on your discretion as their instructor). 

1) Students can use their cellphones to respond to the prompt as a video blog and submit it to our site or

2) They can create a project based on the prompt that is more polished with b-roll, interviews

We do want to keep vlogs under 2 minutes and projects under 3 minutes. 

Students can also post written work on our Facebook page or via email and photos that will be put onto our Instagram.

Once the vlog/project is uploaded to our site, myself and my grad students will review it, aggregate the combined works and post it on our website.  Currently our plan is to have a world map with each school indicated.  When the user clicks on the school it goes to that schools page(on our site) with that schools experiences.  This may change as we move forward, based on participation.

Your choices:

  1. Pass along the prompt to students and make it a voluntary involvement.In this case, your only work would be to pass on the link.This is the easiest way for you to be involved but the weakest for participation in the project.
  2. Set this up as a part of your class assignments.In this case you and I will work together to ensure that we are meeting your course objectives.We would still ask for the vlog/project to be uploaded to our site bi-monthly but we would give you access to the videos for your grading purposes.
  3. You would like to get involved further in the project/research itself as well as having your students involved.I welcome the help!If you would like to be more acutely involved, please send me an email and we can Zoom, Skype, Webex-whatever your preference and talk further.

So, now that I have explained how I “think” this is going to work.  I ask that you respond to this email with your thoughts on if/how you would like to be involved.

I would also like to have one prompt ready for the first week of August.  I am aware that many of us are not back in school and, that is the point.  I want to find out how students are feeling about going back to school.  So, if you have any students that you think would be interested in this, let me know and I will get you that pre-school prompt.

If you are in a different country and your school year does not match up, just let me know this in your email and we will work around your schedule with your prompts. 

Again, I want to thank you for taking a moment to read this. I have gotten so many great responses with this and I am excited to see it unfold.

 I am open to suggestions and alternate means of working with you so please do not hesitate to ask.

Also, if you have any colleagues in other schools that you think might be interested please pass this information and my contact information along to them as well. 

My email:  or

I hope you are enjoying the last few weeks of your summer….


Susan Cardillo

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