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Caucus Chair: Rani Deighe Crowe

UFVA's Gender Caucus addresses gender-related issues inside and outside the classroom and across the industries served by the organization. Questions of representation, onscreen and behind the scenes, as well as strategies for developing inclusive classrooms, are prime focuses of the group. Please see the Forums link on the right to contribute to ongoing discussions about gender-related issue or to pose questions of your own.


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Women in Film

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

New York Women in Film and Television

Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film (publishers of The Celluloid Ceiling reports)

Exploring the Barriers and Opportunities for Independent Women Filmmakers (report)

Woman with the Movie Camera Redux: revisiting the position of women in the production classroom (Jump Cut article)

The Bechdel Test (comic)

The Bechdel Test (website)

UFVA Gender Caucus Report, July 25, 2018 

New Mexico State University, Las Cruces

July 25, 2018

23 members in attendance


ACTIONS (see minutes for more detail):

Caucus chair Jen Proctor will work with UFVA board do a formal survey with association membership to determine what roadblocks prevent conference attendance and to consider how to develop options for childcare at the conference.

She will also propose a Title IX-like officer for the board and accompanying committee to support members in vulnerable or emergency situations related to bias or discrimination.


Augusta Palmer


Nina Fonoroff

Malia Bruker

Chrissy Guest

Maaman Razaee

Abbey Hoekzema

Ruth Goldman

Caitlin Horsmon

Caucus chair Jen Proctor extends a welcome to the group.

Priscilla Ovalle of the University Oregon announces an upcoming job opening for a fiction filmmaker who focuses on questions of social justice and global issues

Proctor provides an update on EDIT Media, including the launch of the “Zoom In” blog, and extends a call for volunteers and teaching resources.

Proctor invites a discussion of goals and projects for the caucus to work on. She begins by noting that this year’s conference has fallen short on ensuring attention to mobility and accessibility issues and the opportunity for attendees to share their gender pronouns

She shares the idea that came up in the Diversity and Inclusion caucus to appoint a liaison from that caucus and the Gender Caucus to work with conference organizers to ensure inclusion: Augusta Palmer volunteers and is unanimously elected.

River Branch introduces the need for childcare at the conference. An attendee suggests that if not providing childcare on site, UFVA or the conference host should at least provide a list of nearby vetted childcare places.

An attendee suggests that a survey should go out asking about whether childcare would be used and what kind of budget members would have for it

There is a suggestion to seek other kinds of input on the survey - what other roadblocks prevent participation in UFVA conferences? How are members’ conference travel funded? 

An attendee notes that we need more active mentorship, especially at the caucus level where the needs of underrepresented members can be better addressed than the wider association mentorship program. An attendee suggests that we need more targeted mentorship in the association – the “DIY” strategy of the current mentorship program is too loose and makes it difficult to find appropriate mentors. Proctor suggests a working group to develop an active mentorship program in the caucus, and a group volunteers via a sign-up sheet (see above).

Lisa Gottlieb proposes that in the wake of the #MeToo movement, we as a caucus and the broader industry/academia need to strategize about how to move forward. She suggests that the landscape is different and we’re in a position to ask for different kinds of change.

 An attendee suggests that UFVA could serve as a better advocate for our profession, especially when it comes to underserved members. UFVA should put out a statement addressing issues such as #MeToo.

Palmer suggests that students could make videos about #MeToo in academia – to address the movement not just in the media industries but inside the academy.

Chrissy Guest suggests that one way UFVA could concretely offer support is to have an officer similar to a Title IX officer on campuses, where members in vulnerable or emergency situations could confidently contact this officer who would then mobilize a team to support the member in need. Proctor says she will take this up with the board.

Guest also suggests that UFVA could provide a database or document for reporting or tracking student experiences with internships. Those internships that are problematic because of inequities, unprofessional behavior, harassment, etc., could be flagged so that members would refrain from sending students there. UFVA could also extend communication to the offending company to help improve the internship experience.

The caucus meeting adjourned at the end of lunch.

Archived Gender Caucus Reports


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Rani D. Crowe wrote on the Caucuses: Gender wall: Hello Gender Caucus, As we get ready for the 2020 UFVA Conference, we want to get a sense of where the Gender Caucus fits in to the UFVA and what members would like us to work on. At the 2019 conference, we discussed whether we needed to keep the Gender Caucus or whether the Diversity and Inclusion Caucus overlapped and included Gender issues. We decided to continue to hold space for the Gender Caucus until we could have more discussion and assessment. Rani Deighe Crowe and River Branch were elected as co-chairs to keep it running. I have created a survey to get feedback from members as we move toward the 2020 conference. Please give us your thoughts and share the link with others. Best, Rani Deighe Crowe
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