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Caucus Chair: Zoya Baker



The Animation Caucus of the UFVA seeks to raise academic consciousness about the discipline of animation while supporting and informing animation practitioners and faculty in higher education. The caucus will strive to accomplish this through meetings at the annual conference and online communications. In particular we are interested in contributing to the growing awareness and increased accessibility of animation practice in all of its technical and conceptual aspects, including all forms of classical, experimental, narrative, real media, digital, 3D, and hybrid animation. 


The UFVA Animation Caucus will: 

  • Enhance collegial community among UFVA animation faculty and practitioners. 
  • Promote general academic awareness of the practice and application of animation in film, visual and performing arts, and commercial media. 
  • Share teaching materials, technical advice, and professional contacts among our colleagues in UFVA. 
  • Identify issues of concern to animation faculty and practitioners and assist UFVA animators in exercising their rights as faculty in the discipline. 
  • Provide academic support to developing animation programs. 
  • Build connections with related groups such as the Society for the Study of Animation (SAS) and ASIFA Hollywood’s Animation Educators Forum (AEF)* 
  • Provide outreach and academic support to live-action programs towards bridging the gap in curriculum in regard to the increasing overlap of our two disciplines. 

*ASIFA is The International Animated Film Society


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