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Scene Shop Consultant

Organization: Chapman University
Date Posted: 3/24/2020
City: Orange
Location: California
Country: United States
Primary Category: All UFVA Job Listings

Description & Details


Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts seeks a consultant to evaluate and provide recommendations for the operations of its existing scene shop that serves the students of the college. The administration of the college seeks to maximize safety, operational effectiveness, and sustainable maintenance and cleanliness of the space, while providing an appropriate level of training, access, and support to our students.



Dodge College is ranked in the top ten film schools and supports around 50 thesis productions per year plus additional, lower-level productions.

Dodge College’s mission is to prepare its students for creative life in film and media arts. The culture emphasizes a student-centric, learn-by-doing environment, with the aim of creating the highest quality of instruction which balances a strong vocabulary in film language, practical hands-on training, and artistic experimentation.

Within the college is a 6000 sq. ft scene shop.

Scene Shop Details:

·         Serves approximately 20 productions per year

·         Staffing: 1 full-time Scene Shop Manager and 10-15 part-time student employees

·         Hours of operation: 8:00am – 12:00am

·         Power tools: 1 ShopBot PRS CNC router, 1 SawStop table saw, 2 chop saws, 1 drill press, 1 band saw.  Various pneumatic and electric/battery hand tools

·         Students using the shop generally have basic- to intermediate-level of knowledge of tools



A consultant will be retained to gather information and engage in a two-part consultation.

The first visit will focus on an initial evaluation of the scene shop, tools, layout, policies, training, and documentation, with an on-site visit to the college in May/June 2020.

The second visit will take on an in-depth focus on project scheduling, space and resource management, and shop practices. This visit will take place in fall 2020, to allow the consultant to observe the scene shop while in active use during the semester.

The engaged consultant will present initial recommendations no later than 30-days following the conclusion of the first visit and a final, comprehensive report within 30-days following the conclusion of the final visit.



The Consultant will be expected to dedicate time reviewing documentation and policies; visiting and observing the functions of the scene shop; interviewing the Scene Shop Manager and the Director of the Production Design program; meeting with the administration of the college, Chapman University Risk Management/Environmental Health & Safety, and specifically identified faculty; and observing and interacting with students who work in the facility.  Furthermore, the Consultant will collect and provide relevant information from similar educational institutions and/or shop operations for comparison purposes, and will provide the University with Best Practices as relates to the work described herein. Included in this scope of work will be a review of existing Dodge College documentation related to safety, scheduling, and training. Through this process, the goal is to:

·         Assess the adequacy of and management of existing resources (human and capital), including a quantitative and qualitative assessment of current staffing,

·         Assess the capacity and resources required for scheduling of simultaneous scene builds with a focus on space and support capacities,

·         Conduct a comprehensive safety assessment that will include the physical shop, associated tools and vehicles, methods, processes, scheduling, policies and procedures, and documentation,

·         Identify various recommendations that will ensure sustainable operations in the next year and into the future, with consideration given to varying scenarios (static vs. expanding resources).

·         Assess the adequacy of current training for staff, faculty, student shop users, and student workers, including the scene shop certification process,

·         Assess compliance with safety considerations that include OSHA/CalOSHA, and make recommendations that are indicated to assure University compliance. Advice on other standards that are usual and customary to similar operations.



At the conclusion of each assessment visit, the consultant will meet in-person with a small group of the operational and academic leadership of Dodge College and Risk Management/EH&S to review the findings. The reports should be comprehensive in nature and must be delivered electronically. The content of the reports must address each of the areas indicated above, provide specific and varying recommendations for areas needing improvement, and should include supporting data and comparisons with similarly-used facilities in academic and professional environments.



Proposals will be reviewed by the academic and operational leadership of Dodge College, including  representative(s) from the university’s Risk Management Office. The contract will be awarded on the basis of the ability and expertise required to provide expert consultation specific to the function of the existing facilities and service needs. The candidate should have experience managing a professional facility with similar or larger volume of production.  An understanding of film/TV or entertainment industry construction practices is required, and knowledge of shop practices in an academic environment is highly preferred.



Proposals should be sent to the attention of Tina Graves, Director of Administrative Operations via email at, with the subject line: “Proposal: Scene Shop Consultation.” All proposals must be received no later than 5:00pm on Friday, April 1, 2020 to be considered. Proposals should include, at minimum, the following information: a brief summary of qualifications, an overview of the planned execution, pricing, and contact information.

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