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Monday, March 11, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Andrea Meyer
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CIBA 2019 MEETING - INCINE, Quito, Ecuador, 8-11 May 2019




INCINE, the Quito film school, organizes the annual meeting of film schools in Latin America affiliated to CILECT, in order to discuss some problems that we pose as teachers related to the learning of documentary in our educational environments. The meeting will take place in the context of the 18th documentary film festival EDOC ("Encounters of the Other Cinema").


The topic responds to concerns of the Ecuadorian academic and professional environment, and has found an interesting echo in the consultations made to colleagues in the Latin American region. We are sure that in other regions the subject will also be of interest. The theme will be discussed in three panels:


The first, called "Documentary and truth in the era of simulation", will focus more on the problems that contemporary documentary poses around the language of cinema.
The second, "Documentary and movie theaters: a story of love and hate", will discuss the problems that today's audiences and broadcast windows pose to the documentary.
The third, "Documentary and film schools: learn what everyone knows", will discuss the meaning and ways of learning documentary in formal learning environments.


This thematic proposal is not exclusive or closed. Papers will be accepted that can in some way dialogue with these topics, and also proposals for related conferences. The denomination of the panels can be reformulated according to the received papers. The official languages of the meeting will be Spanish, Portuguese and English. There will be simultaneous formal translation into Spanish and, for those who require it, dubbing between the other languages, by volunteers.


Any teacher of a film program can send a paper for one of the panels, for an reading that does not exceed 15 minutes. The deadline for submission is 20 April 2019, to
Submitted papers must contain a summary of no more than 100 words, and a micro biography of the speaker of similar length. A commission composed of Edwin Culp (Universidad Iberoamericana of México), Javier Olarte (Universidad Nacional of Colombia) and Camilo Luzuriaga (INCINE of Ecuador), will select the papers. These will be published in the INMÓVIL magazine (, provided that the author authorizes it.


Assistance to panels and conferences is free. Each participant will pay for their passage to and from Quito. The organizers will cover the stay of a delegate of each school member of CIBA. Other attendees may cancel a fee of 450 USD (400 EURO), which covers the payment of accommodation from May 8 to 11, food and transfers to and from the airport, transfers between the hotel and the venues of the event.


CILECT members from regions other than CIBA may request resources from the organizers to cover the hosting fee.
For those who require letters of invitation, we can gladly send them.
We hope to see you soon!
Camilo Luzuriaga
For the organizing committee