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Below are special sessions that may be of interest to you at Cal State LA, July 30-August 2.

If you would like to highlight a conference session here, please email info to Heather Addison.




Dear UFVA Members,


I have set up a special program with staffers at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.


Please join us:


TUESDAY   AUGUST 1    PROGRAM 10G    10:30 to 12:15     SU 313


-  Student Academy Awards – Shawn Guthrie – Manager

Learn the ins and outs of the student Academy Awards  For non-CILECT schools learn how your Students’ films can be submitted.   For CILECT School Members learn how your students can submit their films if they choose to do so.


-  Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting – Joan Wai – Program Manager

The Nicholl Program awards up to five $35,000 fellowships to amateur screenwriter. Learn how your students can enter. It’s a way into Hollywood if the student work makes the ¼ finals. $45 early entry fee.


-  Education Initiatives – Bettina Fisher – Director

The Academy awards over $500,000 annually in grants. Learn about our programs for

educational, screening, internships and the Academy Scholars program offering 2 grants

of $25,000 to help you write your book about theatrical films.   


-  Film Archive – May Haduong – Public Access Manager

The Academy archive is available for research. Learn how to access it.


-  Margaret Harrick Library – Jenny Romero – Head of Reference and Public Services

Our library has millions of stills, clip files on over 100,000 films and artists and they help scholars with their research.


-  Academy Gold Talent Development and Inclusion Initiative – Edgar Aguirre - Director

Our new internal internship program gives students a paid opportunity at the Academy.


-  Submitting Short and Animated Films, Documentaries and Feature Animation – Academy Membership


 Mitchell Block – UFVA, Life Member   (Moderator)

Qualifying your short films and documentaries. Demystifying membership.  Academics can become members.



Don't miss the Documentary Working Group/iDA panel on Wednesday, August 2 @ 10:30.

This will be followed by The DWG. Lunch.

The Doc Working Group meeting Panel 14 F August 2 is now scheduled for Student Union 307.

Please note the change of time: 10:30 to 12:15

Claire Aguilar, Director of Programming and Policy at the International Documentary Association ( and doc filmmaker Lisa Leeman will make a special presentation.

This will be an opportunity to learn more about IDA and to strengthen connections between UFVA and IDA. Topics will include fundraising, nonprofit sponsorship, classroom resources and advocacy.



We're thrilled AMANDA SHELBY recent Head of #VR at Radiant will join Director Amy DeLouise to explore voices, tools and workflow for this fast-changing medium 12Q Tues 8/1 3:30PM



Weiko Lin, Emerson College
Tues, Aug 1: 8:30AM-10:15AM
Soriano Boardroom, Golden Eagle (across the bridge from the Golden Eagle Ballroom)
Panel talk will cover current state of Chinese film industry and U.S./China co-productions in the world’s 2nd biggest market as well as
discuss the impact for future filmmakers as more and more Hollywood studios and movies are co-financed by Chinese studios



Set at a fictional college in the Midwest, Lucky Jay is an award-winning dramedy web series about film professors and their students.

Season One  follows Dr. Jay Calder, 35, as he approaches his big tenure review.  Jay has a problem with commitment, both in his career and his love life. (UFVA, 12E, 85m)

Season Two  follows liberal Prof. Hugh Anderson, 60, looking back over his career as he approaches retirement and wrangles with the new conservative college president. Hugh doesn’t suffer fools gladly. (UFVA, 13E, 80m)



Don't Miss: Beat Board, Outlining & Collaboration with Final Draft 10

Sunday, July 30, 2017,  Session 3 from 1:30pm-3:15pm

2nd floor Computer Lab in Television, Film & Media Center


All instructors attending this workshop get a free copy of Final Draft 10


We will raffle off a 6 month FREE Final Draft 10 Site License subscription for your classroom or computer lab at this workshop (limited to a maximum of 50 seats)




Due to some changes in attendee schedules, Jonathan Waters and Melanie LaRosa, who were originally scheduled to present in Panel 14H, have joined Panel 11H, “Inclusive and Diverse Pedagogies in Media Production Courses” instead. Their original panel, scheduled for 14H, has been cancelled.
Inclusive and Diverse Pedagogies in Media Production Courses 


This panel includes the National Launch of EDIT Media (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Teaching Media) and its Best Practices for Inclusive Teaching in Media Production. This initiative, which grew out of UFVA's Gender Caucus and Diversity and Inclusion Caucus, builds upon research conducted on production programs around the U.S., including regional focus groups, surveys, and literature review of inclusive teaching. A variety of inclusive teaching resources specific to media production will be shared. Presented by Jennifer Proctor University of Michigan-Dearborn (co-founder)

Tuesday, 1:30 - 3:15 (Session 11), Student Union 313

Additional presentations are:
“Classroom diversity and teaching production: Everyone Needs a Place at the Table” Laura Vazquez, Northern Illinois University
“Making Media Diverse: Service Learning and Pedagogies of Diversity and Inclusion” 

Ruth Goldman, SUNY-Buffalo State Student Union 313
“Recruitment and Retention of Women & Minority Students in Film/Media Programs,” Jonathan Waters, Vanderbilt University and Melanie LaRosa, Pace University




Please come see SPIRITS OF REBELLION, a feature length documentary on the LA Rebellion Film movement on Sunday, July 30th from 3:30 pm to 5:15 pm.  (Session 4)


Zeinabu irene Davis

Director, Co-producer, SPIRITS OF REBELLION

Facebook Page:

2 Minute Trailer:


Sunday, July 30 at 3:30 p.m. Student Union 309 "Representations of Class and Region in Media." 

Dr. Emily D. Edwards, Professor

Department of Media Studies
The University of North Carolina, Greensboro



Join Prof. Broderick Fox of Occidental College for a screening and discussion of his feature documentary ZEN & THE ART OF DYING. 

Screening 15A: August 2, 1:30-3:15pm
Television Film & Media Center Screening Room, 2nd floor, Television Film & Media Center
The film is a portrait of Zenith (Zen) Virago, Australia’s premiere ‘deathwalker’ whose personal and professional experiences challenge our core assumptions about life and dissolve our fears around death and model the possibilities of an emergent natural death care movement. More at




Don't miss Directors on Directing!
MONDAY 10:30-12:15, Student Union 307

“Diversity in Clip Analysis - Color, Gender & Ethnicity in the Directing Chair & on the Classroom Screen” Lisa Gottlieb, Ringling College of Art & Design
“The Director Prepares - Helping Directors and Actors Work Together” Reggie Life, Emerson College
“Teaching Directing and Inclusion in an Editing Class” Brigid Maher, American University
“Teaching Collaboration-Part II / the Good, the Bad, the Ugly - Helping Student Directors, Writers and DPs Work as a Team” Paul Schneider, Boston University




Dear UFVA Conference Participants,



PROGRAM 3G  SUNDAY  3:30 TO 5:15       Student Union Room 313


I am hosting a presentation on Fair Use and other film/television/digital issues with attorney Larry Iser.  “Fair use” – the lawful use of copyrighted materials without permission from the copyright holder -- is often bandied about but is greatly misunderstood. A safeguard for mediating the tension between the interests of copyright owners and the interests of subsequent authors in free speech and expression, “fair use” is commonly (and incorrectly) asserted by copyright infringers, and so it is critical for educators and their students to understand the difference between a “fair use” and a “rip-off.” Larry will present a lively and entertaining review of recent claims of fair use, backed with many audio-visual examples from film, television, theatre, music and art. 


Larry is one of the most dynamic and accomplished lawyers I’ve worked with in my 30 plus years of being in the film industry.  Larry does this presentation at USC in the Peter Stark Producing program and also teaches at one of the major Internet companies. I think you’ll find the presentation both informative and really helpful. He handles complex, high-profile matters around the country for clients including Mattel, Apple, SeaWorld and Saban Brands, and iconic musical artists including Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash and David Byrne. He has represented The Beatles, Michael Jackson and many other performers. 


Below is his bio and other information. 




Mr. Iser specializes in the areas of intellectual property, entertainment, commercial, real estate and employment litigation, including the defense of nationwide class action lawsuits.  

In the area of intellectual property, Mr. Iser counsels clients and litigates on their behalf concerning copyrights and trademarks; patents; unfair competition; the right of publicity; defamation; clearances, chain-of-title and fair-use analyses for films, manuscripts, and products; and the licensing of intellectual property rights.   He counsels and litigates on behalf of Mattel, Inc. in a variety of matters, recently including a copyright lawsuit concerning the creation of the Masters of the Universe® brand, trademark opposition proceedings concerning certain Hot Wheels® cars, intellectual property clearances for the Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, American Girl®, Monster High®, Ever After High® and Boomco® brands; a variety of licensing issues across Mattel’s brands, and the defense of a lawsuit in which the plaintiff, a designer of board games, alleged that Mattel breached a license agreement for the distribution of the board game Outburst!  He counsel and litigates on behalf of SeaWorld on a number of intellectual property issues, recently including the defense of a trademark infringement lawsuit concerning SeaWorld’s Aquatica water parks.  Mr. Iser serves as United States copyright counsel for Roland Corporation, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of electronic musical instruments.  On behalf of Roland, Mr. Iser leads a KWIKA team handling a number of matters throughout the country, currently including the defense of a patent infringement action pending in the District of Connecticut.

Mr. Iser has earned a national reputation for his work in the music business concerning contract, auditing, digital distribution, licensing and intellectual property issues, representing musical artists including The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Jackson Browne, Crosby, Stills & Nash, David Byrne, The Ira Gershwin Music Trust, The Doors, Axl Rose, The Rick James Estate, The Janis Joplin Estate, The M.C. Hammer Bankruptcy Estate, The Wiggles, Intocable, and Branford Marsalis, as well as companies including Roland Corporation, eBay/StubHub, Yahoo!, Univision Music, Spectrasonics, Maverick Records, Fat Possum Records and ICM Partners.

In the areas of motion pictures and television, Mr. Iser has advised and litigated cases on behalf of actors, directors, producers, distributors, personal managers, talent agents, television networks and motion picture studios.  Mr. Iser routinely advises his clients on matters concerning copyright, fair-use, chain-of-title, clearances, right of publicity and defamation.

Mr. Iser counsels and litigates on behalf of SeaWorld on a number of commercial issues, currently including the defense of four nationwide class action lawsuits supported by activists alleging that SeaWorld misrepresents the well-being of its killer whales, and the defense of citations issued by Cal OSHA concerning employee interactions with killer whales.

Representative Matters

  • The representation of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, which operates 11 U.S. theme parks, including SeaWorld and Busch Gardens, and is one of the world’s foremost zoological organizations. Mr. Iser led a KWIKA team in defending against complex trademark infringement claims arising out of the name of SeaWorld’s Aquatica water parks.  As the result of KWIKA’s efforts, SeaWorld nows owns the registered trademark AQUATICA and the URL Mr. Iser and his team currently are defending SeaWorld in four nationwide class action lawsuits supported by activists alleging that SeaWorld has engaged in false and misleading sales practices and advertising regarding the well-being of the killer whales at each of SeaWorld’s parks in San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando. In addition, Mr. Iser is trial counsel for SeaWorld in an administrative proceeding pending before the California Occupational Safety and Health (“OSHA”) Appeals Board.  OSHA issued four citations against SeaWorld San Diego for, among other things, its alleged failure to effectively identify and evaluate hazards to its employees arising from certain training interactions with SeaWorld’s killer whales.
  • The representation of Mattel, the world’s largest toy company, in the lengthy jury trial of a complex licensing dispute, in which Mr. Iser and a KWIKA team obtained a complete defense verdict for Mattel on every issue.  Mr. Iser and his team then successfully argued to uphold the judgment on appeal, following which Mattel was awarded (and collected) 100% of its attorneys’ fees and costs.  In another matter for Mattel, Mr. Iser and his team obtained summary judgment for the toy company against a writer who claimed to own a copyright interest in Mattel’s “Masters of the Universe”® franchise, thereby paving the way to the development of a major motion picture by Sony.
  • The representation of the Ira Gershwin Music Trust in complex copyright litigation in the Southern District of New York against music publisher Warner/Chappell Music Publishing arising from the administration of the Trust’s music publishing interests outside the United States.
  • The representation of Warner/Chappell defending claims brought by the heirs of Mack David, the lyricist who wrote the English lyrics to the French song La Vie En Rose in 1950 and assigned his rights to Warner/Chappell’s predecessor.  David’s heirs claim that Warner/Chappell and its predecessors failed to pay music publishing royalties dating back to 1950.
  • The representation of Roland, in a case of first impression, which established the validity of Roland’s copyrights in the sounds contained in its musical instruments.  Mr. Iser routinely polices the marketplace and the Internet for infringements of Roland’s intellectual property, and currently represents Roland in a variety of copyright, trademark and patent matters around the country.
  • The representation of singer/songwriter Jackson Browne in the groundbreaking lawsuit alleging that Republican candidate for President John McCain, the Republican National Committee and the Ohio Republican Party infringed Mr. Browne’s copyright and trademark rights and violated Mr. Browne’s right of publicity by including Mr. Browne’s famous recording “Running On Empty” in a 2008 campaign commercial.  After defeating the defendants’ various motions to dismiss the suit, the case was settled on confidential financial terms and a public apology from the defendants, accompanied by a pledge “to respect and uphold the rights of artists and to obtain permissions and/or licenses for copyrighted works where appropriate.”
  • The representation of singer/songwriter David Byrne in a lawsuit against Florida Governor Charlie Crist arising out of the unauthorized use of Mr. Byrne’s song “Road To Nowhere” in a 2010 commercial for Governor Crist’s campaign for U.S. Senate.  That case was also resolved by a confidential financial settlement, which included a filmed public apology, broadcast on YouTube.
  • The representation of Roland DGA Corporation, the world’s leader in integrated printer/cutters for sign-making in the durable graphics market, in complex patent litigation pending in the District of Connecticut concerning a patent for print/cut technology for sign-making.
  • The representation of Roland in a patent infringement action pending in the patent “rocket docket” of the Eastern District of Texas in which Mr. Iser and his team secured a rare victory on a motion to transfer for inconvenient venue in a case concerning LCD screen technology.
  • The representation of Roland defending claims that Roland’s Rhythm Coach® line of drum practice pads infringed a patent for cadence-providing drum practice technology.
  • The representation of eBay unit StubHub against claims brought by its competitor, Ticketmaster, that StubHub was interfering with Ticketmaster’s exclusive agreements with concert venues.
  • The representation of a prominent ticket broker against Ticketmaster for various claims of the broker, who, acting as a consultant, guided Ticketmaster’s entry into the secondary ticketing business.
  • The representation of an individual accused by Ticketmaster of using “bots” to secure concert tickets.
  • The representation of actor Jason Patric in an injunction proceeding seeking to bar Patric from using his son’s name in connection with Patric’s parental alienation support group, “Stand Up For Gus.”  Relying on the First Amendment, Mr. Iser successfully defended Mr. Patric against the request for an injunction.
  • The representation of an Internet marketing company against claims by Intel Corp. that the marketing company was infringing Intel’s trademarks.
  • The representation of Zobmondo!! Entertainment, LLC, the producer of board games based on the concept of “Would you rather . . . ?” questions in litigation in the United States District Court over trademark, trade dress, and copyright issues.
  • The representation of the Fox Network in the successful defense of a lawsuit claiming that the reality television show “Boot Camp” infringed the copyright in the television show “Survivor.”
  • The representation of the former personal manager of comedienne Roseanne, as well as the former manager of actor Wesley Snipes, both of whom claimed that the managers had acted as unlicensed talent agents, obtaining precedent-setting rulings for the managers, resulting in widely-cited written opinions.

Honors & Awards

  • “The Best Lawyers in America (Film, Television and Music)” U.S. News and World Report (Annually since 2007)
  • “Top Music Litigators, 2017” Billboard
  • Lawyer of the Year – Entertainment Law – Music 2016” Best Lawyers in America
  • “Intellectual Property Trailblazer, 2016” National Law Journal
  • “Top 75 Intellectual Property Litigators in California, 2015” Los Angeles Daily Journal
  • “Honor Roll: Attorneys Who Helped Changed the Face of Entertainment” Variety
  • “Hollywood Power Lawyer,” The Hollywood Reporter
  • “Super Lawyer,” Southern California Super Lawyer Magazine (Annually)






1  Meet the festival directors (LA style)  

Come to this panel on Sunday at 2:30 in the student union (313)  and meet in person some of the festival directors for fests that you or your students might be applying to. What are they looking for, how can you work wth the fest once you have been accepted, come learn what the other side of the talbe looks like 

also we will have an after session informal meet after but you need to come to find out where and the film festival alliance will buy your first drink!

2 you have been hearing allot about DaVinci resolve 14 come to music 221 on Tuesday at 10: 30 and give it a spin, we will have several works stations ready and we will go though the process from in to out, Bring you own footage if you like!!!

3 Teaching film in a film school, come and hear what Kodak is doing to help you bring back cinema into cinematography. and as a special treat we will have the new kodak super 8 working prototype there to play with; this would be Tuesday fine arts 218 at 3:30 




Don't miss Panel 12K!


"Sundance; Your Students, Your Films, and You"

Tuesday, August 1, 3:30pm-5:15pm

Fine Arts 219

Representatives of the Sundance Institute will discuss how SI and the Sundance Film Festival work with universities across the US. One program for discussion is Sundance Ignite, which looks for individuals 18-24 to be part of a Fellowship with SI, and the Sundance Short Film Master Class, in which Short Film Programmers travel with filmmakers to speak at college film classes to speak about how the Festival works and give advice on the art of filmmaking.

Mike Plante, a Senior Programmer for Short Films, will also speak about an upcoming textbook on filmmaking in the short form.




CILECT North America Meeting


Wednesday August 2

8:30 to 10:15 a.m.

Library North Community Room


Come and find out about CILECT, the International Association of Film and Television Schools, and CILECT North America, its regional branch. (UFVA was one of the founding members of CILECT.)


Bruce Sheridan, Chair of CILECT North America, will host, and the Executive Director of CILECT, Stanislav Semerdjiev, will also be present.


Anyone interested in what CILECT and/or what CILECT North America does is welcome to attend. Find out more at:







Join Crowdfunding & Fundraising Expert and UFVA member, Klaudia Kovacs, for her upcoming presentations:


1. Individual Presentation on Crowdfunding & Fundraising

UFVA Conference – California State University, Los Angeles

Monday, July 31, 8:30 am – 10:15 am

Music Building 109


2. Media Industry in the Classroom Panel – Crowdfunding & Fundraising Section

UFVA Conference – California State University, Los Angeles

Tuesday, August 1, 1:30 pm – 3:15 pm

Student Union 309 


Additional information:



Check out two films by Barry Worthington.

"The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus" will be screening on July 30th at 1:30pm in the Student Union Theater. The film is a mock-umentary that explores multiculturalism, diversity, and more against a backdrop of a fictional agricultural small town while searching for the truth of its founder.

As of today, "The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus" has earned 43 Awards, Official Selections, and Honors from 25 Film Festivals and organizations around the world, including "Best Comedy" at the Mexico International Film Festival, "Best USA" Film at the Canadian Diversity Film Festival, the Audience Award at the North Beach American Film Festival, and screened at five different film festivals in India including cities such as New Delhi and Bangalore. The film was a collaborative effort being made mostly in Maryland and featured a Cast and Crew consisting of talent from the area, my fellow students at American University, and my own students from Towson.

The trailer for "The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus" and more info can be seen here:

Or here:

"Corrosion" will be screening at 3:30pm in Music 108. The film is entirely different from "Francis Victus", this time being a sci-fi short, but interestingly still has similar themes to "Francis Victus" including diversity. "Corrosion" revolves around a whistleblower desperately trying to derail a corporation's reckless pursuit of power through a new form of energy, only to confront his own missteps. This film was also made in Maryland with local talent, including my fellow MFA students at American University.

As of today, "Corrosion" has earned 8 Awards, Official Selections, and Honors from 6 Film Festivals and organizations around the world, which have included a Premiere Film Festival screening at the Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival last week, screening alongside "The Infinitely Generous Francis Victus" at the same festival.

The trailer for the film can be seen here:

or here:

A very nice article was written about the films, my film work, and my teaching in the June/July Edition of Montgomery Magazine, with the photo by my American University peer Michelle Hernandez. The article can be read in physical copies of the magazine in Montgomery County as well as online here:

- Barry Worthington

MFA Student, Film & Electronic Media: American University

Filmmaker, Founder: Limitless Films, LLC