University Film Video Association
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University Film and Video Association (UFVA) is an international organization where media production and writing meet history, theory and criticism. UFVA members are makers and artists, teachers and students, archivists and distributors, college departments, libraries, and manufacturers. UFVA holds an annual conference and publishes the Journal of Film and Video, a periodical featuring articles on media production, history, theory, aesthetics and criticism. UFVA is one of the premier U.S. academic organizations dedicated to the study of media.


President (2018-2020)
Laura Vazquez
Northern Illinois University

Past President 
Heather Addison
University of Nevada - Las Vegas


Executive Vice-President (2017-2019)
Joseph Brown
Marquette University

Conference Vice-President (2017-2019)
H.D. Motyl
Southern Illinois University

Conference Vice-President Elect 
Wenhwa Tsao
Columbia College Chicago

Editorial Vice-President (2018-2020)
Konstantia Kontaxis
University of Miami


Secretary (2018-2020)
Jennifer Proctor
University of Michigan - Dearborn

Treasurer (2017-2020)
Tom Sanny
Colorado College


Board of Directors

William M. Akers
Belmont University

Ruth B. Goldman
Buffalo State

Vaun Monroe
Wiley College

Bart Weiss
University of Texas - Arlington

Christina Lane
University of Miami

Karen Loop
Columbia College Chicago


Journal of Film and Video
Michael Clarke
California State University, Los Angeles


Scholarships/Grants Office
Casey Hayward
Bentley University


Student Representative
Dustin Zemel
Louisiana State University


UFVA Home Office
Andrea Meyer

Journal Subscriptions


University of Illinois Press
866-244-0626, 217-244-0626
(fax) 217-244-9910


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